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Θ Vulnerability Assessment (Penetration Testing)

CIS’ infrastructure security team provides clients with detailed organizational Vulnerability Assessments. The process of performing a Vulnerability Assessment potentially includes all vectors of a client’s infrastructure:

• Internal workstations and servers
• External devices “reachable” via the Internet
• Remote locations with servers and workstations

As a part of the vulnerability assessment, CIS engineers perform a combination of different levels of penetration testing based on patch and application security. This service is provided using the following operating systems and applications:

• Microsoft Windows Platform
• Open Source Linux Platforms
• Commercial assessment tools
• Proprietary applications written by the CIS team

CIS recommends that vulnerability assessments be performed on an annual basis, or as required by compliance bodies. Clients may generally engage CIS for this service for internal compliance reasons, external audit requirements, or simply to provide “peace of mind.” At the end of the Assessment, CIS will provide a detailed document including all findings and associated information, as well as potential steps for remediation. The CIS team will also be available to provide assistance for remediating more complex issues.

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