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Temporary and Full-Time Technical Staffing

Since our founding in 1995, CIS has provided recruiting and staffing services to supply top-notch IT personnel to clients throughout the country. With a database of thousands of seasoned IT professionals, we are able to provide the best staffing options in the industry. Whether the requirement is for a client/server engineer, a security analyst, a desktop support person, a C-level executive or any other class of IT professional, CIS will provide a fully vetted professional to fill the role.

CIS placement services are significantly different from those of a “typical” staffing firm. CIS is able to understand the needs and demands of our clients by providing direct support to them, which translates to a deep understanding of the various IT business roles. Additionally, all of our placements are vetted in the same manner as our in-house engineers, requiring several rounds of interviews and technical qualification testing. A typical staffing firm will guarantee a candidate for a short period of time. CIS will not only guarantee the candidate for a full 90 days, but if a CIS-vetted engineer is terminated within the first year of employment, CIS will provide a new placement at half-price.

CIS staffing services provide our clients the ability to add a temporary or full-time IT resource on short notice, while maintaining the confidence that they will be hiring a fully qualified professional that will fit into their environment and meet their specific requirements.

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