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CIS provides services to several large publishing houses across the country providing solutions ranging from disaster recovery to OS migrations to Messaging and Collaboration suites.  CIS engineers have designed and implemented high-capacity Storage Area Networks (SANs) to accommodate the intense data requirements of our clients in this industry.  Through utilization of a virtual server environment and SAN storage, CIS can help clients with very large data storage and throughput requirements to streamline their data center costs and operational footprint, as well as meet the increasing demands of the “green” technology movement, while providing higher response speeds and a more secure, redundant system to protect the invaluable data. 

Industry Spotlight:
CIS has developed proven methodologies around the gradual migration to Windows 7 and Office 2010.  These solutions include zero-touch migrations, a fully developed hardware independent Universal Based Image, an appliance-based migration tool, application readiness testing, application packaging and virtualization, and training for both administrators and end users.  The CIS Systems Management Solutions team has utilized these methods to deploy Windows 7 for several of our large enterprise clients during 2011, including a major international publishing company.  An enduring part of CIS’ philosophy toward OS / Productivity migrations is that it is of paramount importance that the end-user experience is as seamless as possible.  Regardless of the perceived success of a migration from the IT point of view, if power-users are unable to login and immediately access their data at the start of their week, the project will be considered a failure.  CIS makes sure to account for this by providing full profile migrations of existing settings and configurations, as well as extensive end-user training programs as desired.

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