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Θ Maintenance Agreements

Ongoing preventative maintenance and repair of hardware is too time-consuming and unpredictable to be effectively managed by in-house IT resources. CIS provides clients with guaranteed service level agreements for ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure that assets are covered in the required manner.

An example of CIS’ ongoing maintenance offerings is the annual printer maintenance contract. CIS hardware engineers meet with our client’s internal staff to review an inventory of on-site printers, after which clients are provided with a locked-in cost for all maintenance for a one-year period. This SLA includes all parts and labor and guarantees on-site response time of four hours or less for our local markets. Additionally, CIS guarantees that if a printer cannot be repaired within 24 hours of receiving a service call, we will provide a replacement unit until repairs are completed; if we cannot repair the original asset, clients are encouraged to keep the replacement. This program allows clients to easily budget hardware costs for the year while simultaneously freeing up valuable internal resources to work in areas other than printer maintenance.

Similar service level agreements are available for virtually any hardware, including desktops, servers, laptops, and other IT assets.

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