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Infrastructure Design, Migration, Integration & Implementation

Guaranteeing flawless availability of data and optimal connection speed to end-users can be a difficult task. A carefully thought-out & blueprinted network infrastructure is the essential starting point for any organization’s technology. During the design and planning phase of a network implementation, many factors need to be taken into account, beyond the functional goals of the elements of the network – including how each element fits into an overall picture, scalability to anticipate future growth, redundancy in the event of a network failure, and many more. Putting proper forethought into the design and construction of a new, or significantly upgraded, network is essential in order to avoid unanticipated “back-end” costs which could have been easily avoided.

CIS engineers work with organizations of all sizes in order to ensure smooth and seamless implementations of cutting edge networks. Network design services range from a complete network design for a client to a simple review of an existing network blueprint and implementation plan to help a client avoid back-end surprises, CIS’ network resources have proven invaluable to clients in planning and designing their networks for over 16 years.

For existing environments, often the challenge is not stability but how to successfully implement new technology without adversely affecting existing functionality. Often significant changes to the architecture of a messaging platform, networking system, or hardware appliance can radically alter the means of implementation, regardless of the existence of a previous version in the environment.

The CIS team keeps current on emerging technologies while maintaining a solid foundation in existing and legacy systems. Therefore, we are ideally positioned to assist clients in implementing new technologies – and in successfully migrating away from old ones. CIS offers every level of service during implementations, clients with small, or no, internal IT departments will engage CIS to manage the entire implementation from the initial planning phases through the final testing phases. Larger clients often consult with senior CIS architects on major projects they plan on implementing themselves, knowing that if they run into any trouble they can engage a resource that is already familiar with their environment, the initiative, and the technology being implemented.

Be it a new BES server or messaging platform, a new firewall or antivirus suite, a new datacenter or Citrix farm, or something else entirely, CIS has the resources on-hand to make sure that every implementation is achieved smoothly and successfully.

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