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Θ High Availability Solutions

Real Time Data Protection

With CIS's Real Time Server Protection and Real Time Data Protection Solutions, companies of all sizes can have the same enterprise-class data protection that the Fortune 500® companies use to safeguard their critical data - at a fraction of the cost.

Our real time server and data protection solutions take online backups and disaster recovery technology to a whole new level, providing enhanced data security, reduced administrative tasks, and provides clients the ability to re-focus manpower allocations in order to focus on your core business, not your IT administrative functions.

Real Time Server Protection and Real Time Data Protection Solutions Overview:
• The ability to backup servers, workstations and laptops
• Centralized Remote Administration of servers, workstations, remote users and remote offices backups and restores
• Backups stored at our offsite data center
• 24/7 Emergency Support by knowledgeable professionals
• Ability to test the failover environment without taking the production environment offline for a moment, allowing clients to know with complete certainty that their backup data will be there if it is needed.

Technical Overview:
• Choice of encryption levels
• MS Exchange and MS SQL aware environment
• Easily restore a single file or an entire volume 24/7
• Enhanced Data Security: Compression and Encryption at your site PRIOR to transmitting data
• Flexible backup scheduling and data retention settings

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