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CIS provides extensive services to both public and private hospitals, generally in regulatory-driven initiatives such as HIPAA compliance.  Subject matter experts from CIS have provided solutions including Identity and Access Management, Security Information Event Management, Single Sign-On, Disaster Recovery, and Virtualization. 

Industry Spotlight:
CIS engineers have helped develop innovative solutions for complex IT problems in the healthcare industry, through skillful programming and utilizing best of breed technologies from our manufacturing partners, CIS can provide fully virtualized Windows desktops on tablet computers, helping to eliminate bulky system-carts and increasing doctor-to-patient time dramatically.  Nursing stations can be automated for sign-on based on proximity readers as nurses and doctors rotate in and out of stations that utilize shared PCs for patient records, while maintaining full compliance with HIPAA regulations. 

Systems Management Solutions & Operating System Deployments
Identity and Access Management
Network Infrastructure Security Audits and Penetration Testing
Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity / Backup
Service and Support