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CIS provides project implementation, integration, and consulting services, as well as resource staffing to local, state, and federal government agencies across the country. CIS believes that the most important part of a project happens before the integration work ever begins. CIS project engineers engage with client organizations to provide pre-project assessments, fully design a project plan, and prepare a project scope and a statement of work. As the project begins CIS can provide resources to augment internal teams, or staff a project entirely with CIS engineers, to ensure that the prepared plan is followed and the expected design is implemented successfully. CIS engineers work directly with client teams on all aspects of a project, providing full knowledge transfer and documentation, so that the internal support structure is able to manage and troubleshoot the system on a go-forward basis. CIS believes that the project does not end upon delivery, and will provide any required resources to continue supporting systems that we have worked on or designed.

Industry Spotlight:
CIS engineers helped the centralized IT organization of a major East Coast city unify the directory services of many of the city’s disparate departments into a single directory that utilizes the automated functions of Novell Identity Manager.  CIS engineers designed a state-of-the-art authentication and sign-on system and created the back-end infrastructure to automate many of the city’s end-user provisioning and de-provisioning processes.  As the directory was designed, CIS engineers prepared it in such a way as to provide immediate benefits from the early architecture, while higher-end functions were brought online as the project progressed.  After the completion of the project the city began to import users from various agencies into the unified directory, which has grown to include close to 1,000,000 objects. 

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