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Having been founded and originally headquartered in the heart of downtown Manhattan for over a decade, the financial industry has been a long-standing area of expertise for CIS. Solutions in the financial industry range from standard on-call support and service to highly complex Identity and Access Management projects for compliance with various regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley. Utilizing proprietary scripts and technology, CIS’ elite network infrastructure security team provides clients with the most complete detailed network penetration testing available. The CIS data center provides a secure offsite location for critical client data to ensure business continuity in the event of failure or disaster at the primary data location.

Industry Spotlight:
CIS’ Identity and Access Management team provides the highest levels of integration and innovation of leading Identity solutions. In recent years CIS has successfully deployed Novell Identity Manager to several multi-national financial institutions. These solutions included specific innovations by the CIS team to deliver highly customized functionality, in order to meet customer and regulatory requirements. In one such regulatory-based project, the CIS team successfully built a secure and highly automated single sign-on environment with back-end Identity and Access Management, for the client-facing web portal for a major trading firm.
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