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Education is one of the most important industries that CIS serves. With clients ranging from K-12 to some of the largest colleges and universities in the world, CIS provides a number of consultative and hands-on services to our nation’s educators. Infrastructure assessments and renovations, campus-wide Operating System and Productivity Suite migrations, Systems Management Solutions, Identity and Access Management, Disaster Recovery, Collaboration, and Endpoint Security have all been successfully provided by CIS resources to both lower and higher education institutions throughout the country.

Industry Spotlight:
CIS’ Systems Management Solutions team has developed several proven solutions and strategies for a campus environment. CIS successfully implemented centralized systems management console solutions at several client sites through 2011. Managing disparate technology locations across a college campus can be a time consuming task, often help desk engineers are required to make an on-site visit to troubleshoot a faulty PC, significantly driving up help desk costs (generally estimated between $25 and $30 per-call). Implementing a centralized Systems Management console can drastically reduce the amount of time spent per-ticket at the help desk, while also providing a strong base for managing images, patch, power, software licenses, mobile devices, and endpoint security across all connected devices on the campus network, from a single console.
Systems Management Solutions & Operating System Deployments
Identity and Access Management
Network Infrastructure Security Audits and Penetration Testing
Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity / Backup
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