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As more organizations are moving data to "the cloud" or to a more remote distributed office model, collaboration utilities become increasingly integral to daily operations and overall company success. CIS provides a wide range of development and implementation services for collaboration utilities. CIS designs, implements, and develops collaboration solutions for collaborative tasks including:

  • Document Management
  • File Sharing
  • Content Management
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Web Page Design and Hosting
  • Reporting
  • Blog Spaces
  • Browser-based Customizations
  • Business Intelligence

CIS subject matter experts provide Design, Consultation, Implementation, Integration, and Development services for collaboration tools. CIS assists clients with the design of their user interfaces, custom development of web connections, templates, and workflows to create an environment that incorporates an organizations "look and feel" into their collaboration environment. CIS engineers work with clients to identify 3rd party utilities within the environment from which data can be pulled into the collaboration utilities, allowing for more complete and secure sharing of organizational data and documents.

Most organizations today face the challenge of requiring disparate resources to work on a single document. Centralization of company documents without a collaboration tool is a potential flashpoint for data loss, accidental changes to important documents and information, and general mismanagement of important company projects. Utilizing a strong collaboration solution allows employees across various offices and locations to work collectively on documents that are centrally controlled, feature time-in and time-out tracking for individual users, detailed content search capabilities, provide secure access only to approved users, and provide customized workflows for approvals of document changes and modifications.

CIS has helped clients implement solutions for public-facing web portals and forms, providing a secure collection utility for clients to submit information to an organization. This information can be collected and analyzed through customized Business Intelligence tools.

CIS provides innovative customized solutions that help bring client's employees together in a secure feature-rich environment in which they can actively collaborate on most aspects of important corporate business.

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